Prayer, Politics, and Persistance

October 28, 2019

 Yesterday we explored McLaren’s final shift from institutional religion to movements.


Institutions fail, and disappoint us, often.

Movement is the origin of the Christian path, where Jesus said “Come follow me.”

Not “Build me a temple or organize a committee” but “Follow me.”


I wanted to share how politics has been a shameful experience in Alberta these past months and how it is meant to be life giving.


We looked at prayer. Prayer isn’t always a long on-going verbal prayer - rather an invitation to connection.


Sacred union.

Paying attention. Silence.


Prayers also have legs - connect and get things done.


Finally persistence. The widow in our text never gave up - she badgered until justice came. I suggested that the widow is god - persistently loving us - the story if the cross. Love wins .


A full day - a needed - emptying of ideas and knowing.


Politics prayer and persistence are three lovely partners in transformation .



Listen to the sermon.

Watch the live video.


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