September 25, 2019

On Sunday, I dropped my prepared sermon on "Home"... it was soft and cuddly. I wanted to share a theological reflection on a recent public issue in the news on mistakes, apologies, and race - Justin Trudeau's brownface photos. It caused me to say WTF!


I addressed the theme of home as part of our journey. One as transformation, two as consciousness, three as God's body, and four as heaven now - and later.


I looked at Hillhurst United and our transformation through a shift in consciousness. Especially from a "community of concern" in the 70s, (anti-LGBTQ+) to an Affirming LGBTQ+ community today.

I believe we all can learn from our mistakes and be transformed.


I believe we are not meant to be flawless, but rather human in our endeavours and aware that we all make mistakes - and can learn to be “loved, forgiven, and set free.”


We are called to be graceful in short coming - A welcome mat, not a door mat.

Forgive and remember - not forgive and forget.

In short - like the author of Amazing Grace,
we can change and should celebrate this Divine gift and call!





Website: http://bit.ly/2kUlZNi
Listen to the sermon: http://bit.ly/2mX8KMp
Watch the live video: http://bit.ly/2l0CyHA