Finding Hope - Butterflies Under Our Hats

August 19, 2019




So what does hope look like for you? Yesterday’s sermon was a reflection on the children’s story, Butterflies Under Our Hats, by Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. This delightful story, written in a Jewish folklore tradition, is about how the people of the town of Chelm discovered the difference between luck and hope.


The citizens of Chelm had given up because they had no luck when a mysterious woman came to town and told them to look for butterflies of hope instead. When they even failed at capturing the butterflies under their hats, they discovered the trace of hope the butterflies left behind. That was all they needed to begin caring for their town once again. And to think they had it all along, right under their hats.


With all the problems we are facing on a global scale, how easy it is for us to give up hope. We need to listen to those among us who call us out to see the traces of hope in the beauty and mystery all around us. When we learn to fall in love with the natural world once again, both the earth and the people will begin to heal. Perhaps our children will lead the way if we give them the space to dream and hold a vision of something new.


What are your dreams for our children and our grandchildren? What are your visions of what could be? How might you be like the mysterious woman in the story, and entice someone out of their despair and fear, to find a butterfly of hope?


Peace and joy,



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