Winnie the Pooh

July 15, 2019


Yesterday we looked at the Winnie the Pooh story.

The back story, as in previous weeks, is interesting - the twenty dollar purchase of a black bear in 1914 led to millions of books decades later!

I chose to explore the characters in the Hundred Acre Forest via the Enneagram.
For me, it helps to see the energy that each character brings to the forest.


Our Enneagram number helps us see and know ourselves better. THEN we can engage with others more fully. It is transformative.

It was a brief speck of information on a life long journey of discovery.

I encourage a look at the Enneagram Institute and the gift of their "Thought of the Day" emails for each number ...

It's a way to force us to see ourselves as we truly are and move toward our truest Self.

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