Father's Day and Toxic Masculinity

June 17, 2019




On Sunday I tried to address two topics. What does it mean to be a man - looking at the toxic masculinity video by Gillette - and a thought on Father’s Day.


It didn’t go well. Too big of a topic - and a technology glitch? I don’t know... but it didn’t feel right.


If I were to sum it up, I would say that men need to speak up more about inappropriate behaviour and we need to listen more deeply to women - not fix or presume to know.


Regarding Father’s Day - my kids gave me answers to the question, “What do you need from a Dad?”

I loved their wisdom and honesty.


And I invited others to ask their kids, significant others, friends, etc. to ask the question. I’d love to hear your answers.


Finally a piece on what a palliative care person hears people say they regret on their death bed.

All in all, a good idea - not well executed.


Thankfully there is always next week!





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