Sabbatical Postcards - January

February 5, 2017


January 2017

Greetings friends.
January is almost done and it has been quite a month.  I used the early part of the month to ‘settle,’ to ‘decompress,’ and to ‘open’ myself, to a new way of being. Funnily, it was hard not to work! I have to admit I began sabbatical exhausted and slept more than I can remember.

I have spent time walking or riding, reading or writing. I have an office in the city which I visit daily. I have met some colleagues for lunch and engaged in worthwhile conversation. I plan to write about the ‘What if… we had good religion?’ series over the next month or so. I believe Hillhurst engaged with this question in a very rich way in the fall and I plan to record some of our learning, perhaps in a book? Who knows?

On Sundays I have wandered. I worshiped in an emerging-growing church community that is exploding with exciting new ways of being church. They have four services times each Sunday. Their ways are curious and intriguing. They have a coffee break mid service and serve very good lattes! The average age is 32.6! While lots of the theology wasn’t my cup of tea, the latte was delicious! I have also managed to ‘double dip’ on the same day and attend familiar United Churches in our city. There the average age is more like 72.6! The leadership was very fine and I felt comfortable in the pews. In one United Church of Christ congregation in the USA there was a choir of 50 robed with excellent classical music and a library of progressive thinkers. However, there were four kids at children’s time and I might have been the youngest present! I also visited Joanne Anquist in