Good Religion: RISK

November 7, 2016


Yesterday we looked at risk in good religion - with the awareness that risk in middle class Calgary is different than Syria, Congo, or places on reserves in northern Canada.


I selected the topic risk when i saw the USA election landing near this Sunday.

So, we explored the idea that often our greatest risks happen in relationships with others… asking for forgiveness, saying tough words of feedback, moving to strange place...


These are just part of life.

I looked at God risking to entrust us with creation and its care, at Jesus as the Ultimate risk taker.


Everything he did as a risk taker was challenging. His wider love, his wider compassion, his wider justice. All a risk, that ultimately ended with him on a cross.

This is the ultimate risk. I FAILED to point this out, so obvious and CLEAR how could I miss that in the sermon??? OMG? Oh well, that is why we have this blog.


You see, Jesus risked and it got him killed. We don’t come this close often. Yet, we trust that resurrection that will rise us when we fall.

The sermon concluded with my belief that when I returned to Hillhurst after my time at United Way, I came with a desire for Real Religion.

Authentic, real, vulnerable from both pulpit and pew. I suggested if we don’t do that…. I am out.


And I mean that - we are entrusted with an opportunity for Real Religion. Let's not mess with it.


So, how does risk work for you in your life and faith?


And remember - we aren’t alone in this game of life!



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Good Religion: RISK

November 7, 2016

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