Good Religion - RIDICULOUS

October 21, 2016


Yesterday was a ridiculous day!

A quieter 9:05 and the fullest we've had at10:45!

My guess is that we had 500 folks in HUC yesterday - which is "ridiculous" when you hear religion is dead and church attendance is declining.


I only spoke at 9:05 due to a health incident with a congregant at 10:45.


We were discussing the 9 R's of Good Religion again - Sunday's word was ridiculous.

There is lots of  scary ridiculousness in world religion lately. And yet the word is also used to describe the absurd, the crazy, and also the truth. Here is where we need to focus.


I shared  that Good Religion must include a playful ridiculous element. That we think and act outside of box. Risk looking silly! And we discussed that if the bible if taken literally - it is certainly ridiculous and it is a crazy over turning of expectation and way of living faithfully. We looked at vulnerable leaders such as Abraham and Sarah, Moses, David, and the disciples Jesus and Paul.


All provide a glimpse into the ridiculous nature of God.

I shared that this vulnerableness - this powerlessness is actually strength.


In the end it is how we openly surrender (the theological  word is kenosis - a self emptying). 


This is ridiculous and yet it is the heart of the faith tradition we call our own.


Have a look, does ridiculous fit into your faith? Tell us how!


- John




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