Good Religion - RUCKUS

September 27, 2016


Yesterday we explored "ruckus" as a necessary word for good religion. We were racing the clock at was an express sermon! 


At 10:45 we settled into it more. The concept  I was trying to get across was that ruckus is a natural part of our spiritual journey.


We cannot not create a ruckus when we are about truth.


We are compelled to speak or act in ways that stir the pot.It can be when we post something on face book, or we 'come out' or we break with the ranks, or when we speak out about/ for someone and something that matters to our core.


I mentioned that we familiarize or domesticate religion to serve ourselves and often it is out of sync with the roots of our tradition.


We each have people who created/ stirred an issue or ethic... we admire ruckus people.


Sometimes a ruckus is quiet, other times it is loud. We need both. I believe when we drill down, to the core of it all, we touch soul and that soul is about love and compassion for self and world. when our starting place is there, we don't burn out, We actually come aflame.


if you haven't caused a ruckus , perhaps your religion is irrelevant? (That statement may cause a ruckus!)




- John




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