Truly, I didn't say that! - Jesus

August 29, 2016


Yesterday was quite a day. I was whimpering through my "man-cold" and I tried to wrestle with a few points which may have gotten lost in the Kleenex!

First as the memes I shared suggested - - Jesus didn't say a lot of what seems to be attributed to him!

Second - curiosity came up, as it often does!
I shared a story about an engaged couple who value "curiosity" the most in each other. I was saying that this is a wonderful foundation for any relationship -- be it a work relationship, romantic partnership, religious or spiritual relationship, etc. If we have curiosity, we are on our way!

And finally my own curiosity posed the question - "what if?"

What if we got religion right?

What is good religion?

What does it accomplish?

I outlined 8 R's of good religion and invited people to name the 9th! I've already received great ideas and am looking for more. Tell me - what makes Good Religion? (Make sure your word starts with an 'R"!)

Send yours in to

I am super excited !!!




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