An Olympic Faith

August 16, 2016


Yesterday was my "first day back to work" after a month off. (Lucky me.)


I don't know about you but kinda feel for most it's a day to read emails and wonder "why do I do this again?"

I LOVE what I do so being back was good, just rusty!

Last Sunday I spoke about Olympics and the connection between athletes and faith journey. Based it on an article from the Globe and Mail, "Try honing these psychological skills to develop a gold medalist’s mind". The article had super connections to our journey.


They suggest concepts around mindfulness, seeking possibility, teamwork and in it for the long haul.
I think those ARE signs of the way we practice faith. I am sure there are many more. Indeed.

One thing I forgot was the visualization practice that Jesus taught was that the vision he cast of the Kingdom of God, was what it looks like when God is in charge . Jesus told parables and stories to invite this kind of living into reality.

A major misstep on my part but it was my first sermon back. And it was an amazing congregational energy - a FULL house for us - pure joy at being back.


Hillhurst is awesome

What would you say are the connections between the olympics and faith?


PS - This was the first time ever - in 28 years that I swore in a sermon... although I WAS quoting another person... still mulling that thought.


- John



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