The Marshmallow Test

July 19, 2016


The Marshmallow Test explored the ideas around delayed gratification leading to better life experience. Not delayed in regards to waiting for actual food or a reward, but more about - what do we put into the world? And are we sharing/emailing/posting/speaking out of wanting to discharge our own hurt and pain? Or are we measuring our output against values, inspiring empathy, compassion, diversity?

The hope is least once in awhile we can pause and breath before we act. Not as a substitute for action but as a way to direct our energy wisely and lovingly.

So so hard to do. Especially when we are hurting. Especially when the world is hurting so much right now.

But I do believe (at least some of the time!) that when we give ourselves that moment to pause, we help create more connection - whether it's within ourselves or with those around us.

There's so much grief in the world and in our hearts. We can't control much of anything. Except for ourselves. That's the bad news. That's the good news.

May we remember that God is with us as we try to figure all of this shtuff out...


- Pam



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