Twisted Truths: Everything Happens for a Reason

July 5, 2016



Yesterday I looked at the phrase "Everything happens for a reason."


A phrase that often is used to justify things ... Sometimes in a negative way.

For example - God is punishing a group for something: shootings, floods, etc.


Or sometimes it is said in a unintentional yet harmful way. For example - about  a person's death - saying things like - God "needed" them for a heavenly task or it was "their time."


I wondered if the phase is better intended as "everything happens WITH a reason"?

That is, both the positive and negative things that happen in life are part of our unique story and we need to accept them as is, not judge or slot in our dualistic mind.


Rather " hold " in a non dual way.


So, the things that happen in life, "belong" as teacher... this is a concept explored in Richard Rohr's book
"Everything Belongs".  During the sermon, we played and considered concept this by drawing Our Life River and reflecting on the people , books, movies, things that shape us, in both negative and positive ways.

The goal, is of course, to know acceptance of "what matters". To know that it is God's desire for each of us to know and love ourselves through it all. And Everything belongs... there is a season for every matter under heaven. Not an easy concept but when we truly accept it, it is Divine Love.


What do you think?


- John



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