Yesterday I looked at the spiritually of walking.

Spirituality "is seeing the sacred connections in all of life" and when we walk we connect to our deeper self.

I suggested that we walk for many reasons: health and healing, justice, connection and for perspective.

A si...

Yesterday was my "first day back to work" after a month off. (Lucky me.)

I don't know about you but kinda feel for most it's a day to read emails and wonder "why do I do this again?"

I LOVE what I do so being back was good, just rusty!

Last Sunday I spoke about Olympics...

August 9, 2016

“ezer kenegdo” 

Immersed in talk of Christian values and speeches ending with “God bless America,” the US Presidential election has been debating Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the nation’s highest office. There’s also been a lot of conversation abou...

What is the role of prayer in the current reality of global violence?

I’ve been mulling this question for a few weeks, and it was the topic of the July 24 sermon - “The In-between Spaces”.  Paris, Nigeria, Beirut, Syria, Palestine/Israel, Baton Rouge, Orlando, Winnipeg,...

The Marshmallow Test explored the ideas around delayed gratification leading to better life experience. Not delayed in regards to waiting for actual food or a reward, but more about - what do we put into the world? And are we sharing/emailing/posting/speaking out of wa...

On Sunday I looked at the final "half truth" in our series - "God doesn't give us more than we can handle."

As one remarked - that seems like a lot of  "B.S."

This is a tough phrase often used as sympathetic encouragement .

In reality it can patronize and harm or shame...

Yesterday I looked at the phrase "Everything happens for a reason."

A phrase that often is used to justify things ... Sometimes in a negative way.

For example - God is punishing a group for something: shootings, floods, etc.

Or sometimes it is said in a unintentional yet...

​​This series is called "Twisted Truths" - a look at common phrases that we assume are part of our tradition.

Yesterday's phrase was, "God helps those who help themselves." This is NOT in the bible like we might assume. 

I suggested we may actually use it to avoid helpin...

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November 7, 2016

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