Yesterday we looked at risk in good religion - with the awareness that risk in middle class Calgary is different than Syria, Congo, or places on reserves in northern Canada.

I selected the topic risk when i saw the USA election landing near this Sunday.

So, we explored...

Yesterday we considered Reason as a necessary part of Good Religion.

That is, we need to engage our brain when we enter church, we need people know that checking their brain at the door is not good idea.

I suggested that we often approach our journey in pieces and that '...

So, Sunday was a few days ago… sometimes life is like that, isn’t it? We try our best, and still fall short of our own expectations!

If you can remember back to Sunday you might remember that we explored the idea of Peace using Mark’s description of Jesus calming the...

Yesterday was a ridiculous day!

A quieter 9:05 and the fullest we've had at10:45!

My guess is that we had 500 folks in HUC yesterday - which is "ridiculous" when you hear religion is dead and church attendance is declining.

I only spoke at 9:05 due to a health incident wi...

We are people of ritual. If we didn't have them, we would make them! Ritual is in our bones. The morning coffee, the yoga stretches, the quiet, the walk, the run, the ride, the reading... things we do that lead us to transformation of self.

We each have 'things we do' t...

Yesterday we explored "ruckus" as a necessary word for good religion. We were racing the clock at was an express sermon! 

At 10:45 we settled into it more. The concept  I was trying to get across was that ruckus is a natural part of our spiritual journey.

We canno...

REAL was the word on Sunday for our series on "what if...good religion happened?"

I was suggesting that what makes it real is authenticity and a deeper truth that grabs us and connects us. We explored the fact that people seeking church out these days look for that kind...

Yesterday we began our new series “WHAT IF… we had good religion?” It's about reflection on what matters, and what are the ingredients of a "good" experience of religion. In many ways, as you heard from Pam the week before, there is an excess of bad religion… of religi...

Last Sunday was one of those days when I wonder if my 'overshare' radar was out of's not every day that I mention wanting to quit the church while I'm speaking in one! The reality is that it's hard...sometimes too hard. To walk the line of faith and religi...

Yesterday was quite a day. I was whimpering through my "man-cold" and I tried to wrestle with a few points which may have gotten lost in the Kleenex!

First as the memes I shared suggested - - Jesus didn't say a lot of what seems to be attributed to him!

Second - curi...

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Good Religion: RISK

November 7, 2016

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