Yesterday we paused and experienced the gift of music and silence.

The past two months has been a lot of talk! WTF series plus Holy Shift... it was time.

If you add in a divisive election campaign and result - it felt

right to experience silence together.

In my brief refle...

Yesterday we explored McLaren’s final shift from institutional religion to movements.

Institutions fail, and disappoint us, often.

Movement is the origin of the Christian path, where Jesus said “Come follow me.”

Not “Build me a temple or organize a committee” but “Follow...

Yesterday I began the WTF series looking at "journey" - the banner out front at HUC.

We explored the different kinds of journeys and the overall theme of the biblical journey.

I was suggesting that we go along and at some point, we hit a wall - the bottom falls out - cri...

Yesterday we looked at the Winnie the Pooh story.

The back story, as in previous weeks, is interesting - the twenty dollar purchase of a black bear in 1914 led to millions of books decades later!

I chose to explore the characters in the Hundred Acre Forest via the En...

Yesterday we looked at Curious George books. The back story of fleeing Paris on homemade bikes is brilliant.

The authors were a curious and creative two-some who inspired many for years.

It seems obvious to say curiosity matters - but it does.

It awakens,
It engages,
It i...

Yesterday we began our summer series using children’s books as a "life text" with biblical texts to look at the connections between them.

We began with a book that sold 15 million copies - I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

What I love is the “why“ he wrote it.
It w...

“Go out on a limb”- that’s what thriving churches do! Yesterday we explored some of the aspects of research on thriving churches.

Thriving churches:
1. Say yes
2. Know who they are
3. Embrace risk 
4. Have connected leadership
5. Have institutional distance

One of the ke...

On Sunday I tried to address two topics. What does it mean to be a man - looking at the toxic masculinity video by Gillette - and a thought on Father’s Day.

It didn’t go well. Too big of a topic - and a technology glitch? I don’t know... but it didn’t feel right.

If I we...

Yesterday we explored the story of a person who had been ill for 38 years. Jesus asks him a question: "Do you want to be whole?”

Seems odd or harsh, doesn't it? But this isn’t blaming the victim. Jesus is asking a deeper question - a wider perspective.

The ministry of Je...

Our "Morning After" reflection is back! What's that you ask? It's a space for Rev. John Pentland, or other members of our ministry team, to reflect on their sermon from Sunday. It's also a chance for you to join the conversation in the comment section - how did you con...

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