Your small ministry groups are still meeting through Zoom! There's opportunities for us to be together throughout the week in our regular groups. Right now, our sense of community is more important than ever before and we're here to help you feel connected!

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing software. It is being used my many different organizations at this time to provide face-to-face interaction. Hillhurst uses Zoom to facilitate small group meetings and for office work. 

It's easy to join a meeting!

Just click the link provided, follow the prompts to set up the program, and you're in! Make sure to join the meeting with BOTH audio and video! The program can be used on either desktop or mobile. When logging in by computer, you can choose to join using just audio or audio and video (so people will see your video image online). You can turn off your video at any time and also mute your audio. 


If you prefer to use your phone for audio rather than your computer or if you simply want to join the session by using your phone you can use the phone number provided. At the time of the event, login using your computer, phone or tablet, by clicking on the link or calling the phone number provided. NOTE: use the same link below to join recurring gatherings.

Weekly Gatherings

Mindful Mornings

Every day except Wed. or Sun. | 7 - 7:30 AM | Join the



Sunday Youth Group

Every Sunday | 12 pm | Join the gathering

Spiritual Nurture

Every Monday | 7:00 pm | Join the gathering

Daybreak / Day's End Meditation

Every Wednesday | 7 am | Join the morning gathering

Every Wednesday | 7:30 pm | Join the evening gathering

KidSpace Kids!

Sunday | 9:30 am | Join the gathering

KidSpace Parents Check-in

Sunday | 1 pm | Join the gathering

Monthly Gatherings


LGBTQ2IA+ Something Completely Different

4th Sunday of the month | 7 pm | Join the gathering

Our Stories: Parents+ of LGBTQ2IA+

3rd Tuesday of the month | 6:30 pm | Join the gathering


*Join the new  LGBTQ2IA+ Affirming Facebook group!

Right Relations Circle

4th Tuesday of the month | 7 pm | Join the gathering

Wise Women's Circle - Cancelled May 17

3rd Sunday of the month | 12 pm | Join the gathering


Exploring Elderhood

2nd Wednesday of the month | 7 pm | Join the gathering

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