Refugee Ministry Team

In response to the Refugee global crisis the people of Hillhurst United Church are committed to making a difference.


For more information and to get involved - contact Don Workman, our Refugee Ministry Chair.


The Hillhurst United Board has given the go ahead for the HUC Refugee Ministry Team to pursue the sponsorship of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) approved refugees. The Refugee Ministry Team has started the process toward sponsorship. We will be looking to the congregation for support in this mission. This is a wonderful opportunity for Hillhurst to live our of value of Social Justice.



To contact the Hillhurst Refugee Team, please email


The Journey

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Today the Refugee Ministry Team received disappointing news from the General Council Office of the United Church of Canada. The circumstances of the refugee family that we were planning to sponsor have changed with the end result that this family is no longer seeking resettlement in Canada.


The Refugee Ministry Team is now actively seeking a match with another refugee family. The General Council Office has assured us that we are at the head of the line for selecting a family to sponsor and we anticipate that another match for Hillhurst will happen in the new year.


The Team continues to work diligently to prepare for the arrival of a refugee family. We will be sending out signup lists for in-kind donations and volunteer opportunities. Financial contributions can be made here.


The support that the Hillhurst community has provided so far has been incredible. Thanks for your patience as we work through the sponsorship process.

For more information please contact Don Workman at


Thursday, November 26, 2015

The end of the 30 day time frame for receiving confirmation from the Canadian visa office that we can proceed with sponsorship of the family of 8 refugees from Syria is November 27.  While this was not a firm deadline, the Refugee Ministry Team is still hopeful that we will receive the good news that we can proceed with our sponsorship any day now.


As of November 25, we have received funding and commitments towards 2/3 of our fundraising target of $60,000.  Thank your Hillhurst for your generosity and the trust that you have placed in the team!


For more information, contact Don Workman at


Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting news from the HUC Refugee Ministry Team…

Hillhurst has been “matched” with a family of Syrian refugees consisting of a couple and six children. This means that Hillhurst has initiated a request with the national office of the UCC to sponsor the family. However we have not yet submitted the formal application – a couple of things still need to occur before we can proceed with the application:

  • Canadian Visa Officers must conduct interviews with the refugee applicants to confirm their eligibility

  • The refugees are still subject to medical, security and criminality screening


We have been advised that the interview will likely take place within 30 days and that confirmation of eligibility by the Visa Officer is expected to be fairly straightforward. The Refugee Ministry Team is hopefully optimistic that we will be able to proceed with the application, but there are obviously no guarantees that everything will go as smoothly as we would like.


In the coming weeks and months the Hillhurst Refugee Ministry Team will be reaching out to the HUC community for assistance as we embark on this exciting journey and live out the value of Social Justice. For more information please contact Don Workman or Rev. Danielle A. James.


If you would like to make a financial contribution in support of Hillhurst’s sponsorship relationship with this family please contact Finance Administrator Nancy Watts. Tax receipts will be provided for donations of $100 or more.


Monday, October 19, 2015 at 11:03AM

Refugee Solidarity Walk Update

The Walk to Support Refugees was a thanksgiving success! Over 80 people from across Calgary walked and we raised $6,000 for the HUC Refugee Fund. Thank you all for showing up, seeking pledges and spreading the word. It’s important to note that there several people participated who don’t attend our church, but support our Refugee Ministry initiatives. A special thanks to all the volunteers and Margaret Reid who was an extraordinary organizer!


Our church as launched a Refugee Ministry Team. We are currently working with the national office of the UCC to begin a sponsorship relationship with an individual/family. Regular updates will be shared with the congregation as paperwork is completed and timelines established.


Great work Hillhurst!

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