Blen-Dinners are events centered around unique themes, celebrated with fellow HUC folks in the comfort of the host's home. More people will get the chance to take part in these unique experiences, sharing food & meeting others, all while raising funds for HUC. 

​We are hoping to arrange for approximately 25 individual and uniquely themed dinners / events for attendees to choose from. But we need hosts! Sign up today.

PRO TIP: View the sign up form to see what details we need. This will help with the planning process!

Host Duties

Choose Your Theme

Pick a theme that reflects you, as a host! Is it connected to your family history or heritage? Are you an expert in a certain cooking style, or do you just plain LOVE it and think others will too?

Choose your date and start time

A pre-set date helps you to avoid the challenge of coordinating multiple guest schedules. Weekend dates are recommended. 

Meal Planning

Celebrate your theme and aim to create a unique experience for your guests. For dinners, if appropriate, try to pan for a full meal including an appetizer, entrée and dessert. 

Blend-ing Activities

Some guests might be shy and others outgoing - to help everyone take part and feel welcome, the Blen-Dinner team will provide hosts with a package of tips, games or activities to help everyone 'blend'. 

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