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    The Morning After Blog

    Welcome to the Morning After. Preaching is created and offered and it’s a little awkward because you 'bare your soul' and it’s like you stand there buck naked, share what’s important to you, people get to peek and then walk away! It’s hard because it feels 'one way'. That is, we speak, people listen, and then choose to walk away or wander back, often with little comment one way or the other. 

    So here is a chance for our Ministers or guest speakers to clarify, and for you to comment and for all of us to learn together! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, questions, or wonderings. This is a free space to engage!


    November 22 - The Divine Magician: Week 2


    November 15 - Sacred Walk of Solidarity

    Sunday was an emotional day. We were all feeling the after effects of the shooting in Paris. There was a sense of sadness and solidarity.

    I chose to address this in ritual:  we poured water, lit candles, and listened to John Lennon's "Imagine."
    In the sermon I tried to weave too much, as they say, "I didn't have time to write a little so I wrote a lot!"
    I chose the life text from Justin Trudeau, "because it is 2015...," weaving Sanguin, Rollins, Trudeau, and our understanding of relevant church in the face of violence.
    It was a long haul.
    Thankfully people were with me.
    We walked together a sacred walk of solidarity.
    Have a listen, reflect, and comment if you like.



    November 15 - The Divine Magician


    November 11 - Remembrance Day


    November 8 - Evolutionary Theology