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    The Morning After Blog

    From our Minister, John: Welcome to the Morning After. Preaching is created and offered and it’s a little awkward because you 'bare your soul' and it’s like you stand there buck naked, share what’s important to you, people get to peek and then walk away! It’s hard because it feels 'one way'. That is, I speak, people listen, and then choose to walk away or wander back, often with little comment one way or the other. 

    So here is a chance for me and our guest speakers to clarify, and for you to comment and for all of us to learn together! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, questions, or wonderings. This is a free space to engage!


    Love is a Verb pt 2: Gift Giving

    This past Sunday we continued to use Gary Chapman's Five Long Languages as our framework to see how we might give an receive love. This week, we focused on receiving gifts. We talked about how that theme shows up in our sacred texts; particularly the story of the woman who washes Jesus' feet with her tears and costly ointment.

    We looked at how we can all give extravagantly. I think Mother Teresa is attributed to the quote, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."  It's the intention of the gift that makes the biggest difference.

    Where do you see extravagant giving (in love, justice, mercy)?  When have you received a gift that was extravagant in this way?  

    - Sheena

    PS: If you haven't had a chance to do the love languages quiz, here's the link!

    Jan 25 2015 - Gift Recieving


    Love is a Verb


    They Like Me?

    Preaching is a strange practice. I often awake in the early monday morning hours, sometimes with a sharp jolt. They come in my sleep, in a dream or in an immediate waking moment...the words I should have said. The pain is sharp and awakening.

    Am i a perfectionist, or just a tortured poet? I lay and I grieve my short sightedness. It takes on physical form in my gut. Should I have worked harder, thought harder, dug harder? Why did I not see when the time was right? Is ego my saboteur?

    Though I spoke of love yesterday and god's love for us, perhaps the greatest desire is for love of our self. Is that the same thing i wonder? I am a work in progress like the rest of us.

    May this knowing deepen and awaken everyone so that we may sleep the night in peace.

    Hoping people DO find one person to affirm this week...

    - John

    Jan 11, 2015 - The Like Me!



    This past Sunday was Epiphany. We gathered to celebrate the awakening, awareness, and the aha moment the wise people experienced when they realized who Jesus was and who he might be.

    It was also the story oft forgotten about the massacre of innocents by Herod. This image, story, fact, of a paranoid Herod massacring innocents was paralleled by the story of two congregants who worked to remake, heal, and support the people of Rwanda 20 years after their genocide. Their journey is powerfully shared.
    The parallels between the Matthew account and the Rwanda story was real and obvious.

    The point I was trying to reflect on was that jesus was born in a real world of conflict and crisis and so are we. The real world. How we remake and live faith in a real world is where the rubber hits the road and where things start to happen.

    I only wish I had addressed the fact that whether we live in a world close to Rwanda's horrific darkness or more remote sorrow, as most of us do...God is the light that shines and holds us in the night time of our journey.

    May this be so for you.

    - John

    Jan 4, 2015 - Epiphany!


    Before I Die

    On this last Sunday service of 2014 we looked at endings and beginnings based on the story of Simeon wanting to see the Messiah before he dies.

    Three days after christmas and three days to New Years...A time in between, inspiring us to look both ways. We took time during worship to reflect on the past and look to the future; everyone took ten minutes to answer a series of questions and then had the opportunity to share with those sitting nearby. 

    If you weren't there, or if you'd like to share this opportunity to ponder with someone you know, we've copied the questions here in the blog. Enjoy, and happy new year!

    - John


    2014 Endings

    Q: What were some highlights or gifts of 2014...?

    Q: Name a time you were moved, perhaps a time of sorrow or joy.

    Q: Name some things you are grateful for in the year, people, events, places...?

    Q: What did you 'learn' this past year....?

    Q: What is something you need to "let go of" to move into the next year...or "glad thats over!"

    Q: What movie, book, article, story, song, sticks out from this year...

    Q: What name would you give 2014...."the year of.........................."? 

    2015 Beginnings

    Q: What do you want to learn or try this coming year?

    Q: If you were to ask for help from God to accomplish something, what is it you want to accomplish?

    Q: What goals can you name for the coming year?

    Q: What is one thing that would have to happen for you to call 2015 a huge success? (define as you like)

    Q: What is a prayer you have for 2015...for self or world ? (if prayer is a verb, how will you help it to be answered?)

    Q: What are you naming this year...."the year of.........................."?


    Dec 28, 2014 - Before I Die